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Planned cruises 2020.

We are planning cruises in 2020 as well. Send inquiry to the skipper.

House Rules

Accommodation Provider may accommodate a Guest that proves his identity by a valid passport, identity card or another proof of identity. Under special circumstances, Accommodation Provider may offer to Guest other than the agreed accommodation. On the basis of an ordered and confirmed accommodation, Accommodation Provider is obliged to accommodate Guest after 2pm and no later that at 5pm on the date of commencement. Until then, the room is reserved for Guest unless stated otherwise within the order. On the date of departure, Guest is obliged to move out by 10am and hand over the key to house caretaker, who will carry out a brief inspection of the room.

If Guest requests an extension of his stay, he may be offered another room than the one where he has been staying. Guest shall be fully responsible for damage to guest house property. In case that Guest loses keys, he shall pay to Accommodation Provider for the incurred damage amounting to CZK 1,000.

In the rooms, furniture must not be moved, and no interventions on electric or other appliances are allowed. In the rooms, it is not allowed to use their own electric devices, with the exception of those that Guests use for their personal hygiene. Guests are obliged to observe the ban to enter their rooms wearing ski shoes. Guests are not allowed to take to their rooms any sports equipment or other things, for which another place of storage has been designated. Leaving the room, Guests are obliged to switch off the lights, check if water taps are closed, and lock up the doors each time.

Guests are obliged to behave in their rooms and in other areas of the guest house so that no fire occurs.

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and in all other indoor areas. Smoking is only allowed in the restaurant.

Consumption of own food and beverages is not allowed in the restaurant.

Between 10pm and 7am, Guests shall behave in a way that does not disturb the peace and quiet at night. Accommodation Provider shall be responsible for things brought inside the hotel by Guest, provided they are stored in a place designated for them. Accommodation Provider shall be only responsible for money and valuables if they were taken over to safekeeping against a receipt.

Dogs and other pets can be taken to the accommodation facility only upon prior agreement. Guest is obliged to observe the provisions hereof. Should he breach them, accommodation facility management is entitled to withdraw from the contract on providing accommodation services prior to the lapse of the agreed term.

We wish you a pleasant and undisturbed stay in the Guest House Kapitánka.

House Rules are effective as of 01 January 2007.

General Rules of Accommodation


Customers accommodated in Guest House Kapitánka shall be persons above 18 years of age, and persons between 15 and 18 years of age with the consent of their statutory representative.

Contractual Relation Establishment

Contractual Relation between Customer and Accommodation Provider shall be established on the basis of an order (written, SMS, electronic). Based on the order, Accommodation Provider reserves the required available term to Customer for a period of ten (10) days at the most. Within the said period, it is necessary to pay an advance (30% of the price for provided services). By paying the advance, Customer confirms to have gotten acquainted with services, price, payment and other terms and conditions, General Conditions, and – in particular – with cancellation conditions. By paying the advance, Customer gives his consent with the above mentioned. It is not possible to accept an order without paying the advance, and the reservation is cancelled after ten (10) days.


Prices for services are published on guest house web site. There are the following payment terms and conditions: the advance amounting to 50% of total price is due within ten (10) days following the order, either in cash or by money order or by bank transfer. The rest is due immediately upon arrival to guest house.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract any time prior to the commencement of his stay without giving a reason. Withdrawal is only possible in writing or electronically. Customer is obliged to pay the following cancellation fees:

Cancellation fee prior to stay commencement


0 -30 days - 100% of the advance payment

Note: In case of cancellation fees, Accommodation Provider is obliged to charge out the amount and transfer the remaining amount to Customer no later than within thirty (30) calendar days. Accommodation Provider shall not require the payment of cancellation fees only in serious cases such as natural disasters or death in family (to be proven). In case of a premature termination or interruption of the stay without any fault on the part of Accommodation Provider, Accommodation Provider is obliged to refund neither the paid price for the stay nor its proportional part.


Accommodation Provider does not include insurance in the price of accommodation – Customer is recommended to arrange “Accident Policy for Inland and Foreign Travel and Stay Including Costs Relating to Cancellation of the Journey” with a Czech insurance company.